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HFM Asset Management

Contractor Induction

Queens Riverside Apartments

   Queens Contractor Induction Document  (PDF, 621 kb)



       About HFM Asset Management

       HFM Asset Management’s Responsibilities

       Contractors’ Responsibilities

       Commencing Work

       Working Safely

       Driving Safely

       Safety of Belongings

       Conduct and Behaviour

       Emergency Procedures

       Contact Numbers

       Environmental Awareness


       How to Register as a Contractor



This module is designed to ensure contractors are aware of HFM Asset Management (HFM) policies, procedures, their responsibilities and legal obligations when engaged to work at HFM Sites.


About HFM

       HFM is a unique consultancy company providing practical sustainability solutions to hospitality, strata, retail, high rise residential and commercial office building operators.

       We provide easily managed maintenance management systems and practical energy and water management advice, together with detailed analysis of individual building operating costs to provide real and maintainable cost reductions.


HFM’s Responsibilities

Select appropriately qualified contractors

       Only contractors who have completed the Contractor’s Induction and who have provided appropriate insurance certificates will be considered for engagement.

       Only contractors qualified to conduct the Works (e.g. have the appropriate certification and experience) will be considered for engagement.

       Provide a safe and secure working environment and comply with all relevant and current legislation:

o   The Occupational Safety and Health Act (WA) 1984 sets out the General Duty of Care principles and requires that an employer shall, so far as is practicable, provide and maintain a working environment in which his employees are not exposed to hazards.

o   Section 19 (4) of the OSH Act mentions “the principal” and “the contractor” where the principal is deemed, in relation to matters over which he has control or, but for an agreement between him and the contractor to the contrary, would have had control, to be the employer of the contractor; and any person employed or engaged by the contractor to carry out or to assist in carrying out the work.

       Manage and control work activities.

       Assess contractor performance.

o   Continual assessment of contractor performance in line with key performance indicators.


Contractor’s Responsibilities

       Ensure all contractors and sub contract employees are aware of the HFM contractors on-line induction obligations.

       Supply detailed Method Statements for work activities.

       Conduct Risk Assessments of work activities and working areas.

       Supply suitable (certificated) equipment to carry out work activities.

       Ensure appropriate training has been provided to contractors and sub-contractor employees.

       Comply with Occupational Safety and Health Legislation.

o   Worksafe

       Obtain approval from the HFM responsible officer before:

o   Isolating fire panels

o   Commencing any Hot Works

o   Connecting or isolating mains water supply

o   Conducting any electrical installation work

o   Connecting or isolating reticulated gas supply

o   Turning off air-conditioning or ventilation systems

o   Commencing any excavation works

o   Organising removal of Plant or Equipment


Commencing Work

Contractors must register with the Building Manager or Concierge prior to commencing Works to:

o   Sign in at the Concierge Desk.

o   Obtain keys from the Concierge.

o   Obtain works permits (Hot Works Permit, Excavation Work Permit, Working at Heights Permit, Isolation, Safety Tagging and Locking Permit).

o   Obtain fire evacuation centre details.


 Contacting the Building Manager/Concierge

The Building Manager’s Office is located in the loading bay at Basement 1, phone 0448 131 685.  The Concierge is located in the Front Lobby on the ground floor, phone 0499 077 438.


Working Safely

Hazardous Substances:

o   Contractors are required to provide a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to the HFM Responsible Officer for any chemicals brought on to the premises.

o   Chemicals should be handled, stored and labelled appropriately.

o   Contractors must not allow hazardous chemical residues to run off into storm water or main water drains.


o   If you suspect that an asbestos hazard may be present, cease work and contact your HFM Responsible Officer immediately.


Working at Heights

o   A Working at Heights permit is required.

o   Risk assessment and planning is required.

o   Contractors are required to adhere to WorkSafe WA’s Code of Practice, Prevention of Falls and OSH Regulations.

o   Ladders must comply with Australian Standards, labeled accordingly and have no damaged or missing parts.

o   Ladders must be properly erected, secured on firm/ level ground, projected at least 1 meter above the landing place and set at the correct angle of 75 degrees.

o   The site furniture should not be utilised to stand on.

o   Roof access permit must be obtain prior to assessing the roof area.

Working with Electricity

o   The HFM Building Manager must be notified of all installation work and provided with a copy of all documents supplied to the Supply Authority.

o   All installation work must be entered into the site Electrical Log Book.

Working areas

o   Contractors must only access areas of the premise required to conduct the Works.

o   In confined spaces, where there is the potential for inadequate oxygen supply, the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations related to confined spaces must be adhered to.

o   If the Works require the area to be deemed “restricted access”, ensure that adequate signage is displayed and appropriate barriers are in place to ensure the safety of the public, staff and residents. The Building Manager must authorise such signage and barriers.


Driving Safely and Parking

Contractors must:

o   Obey all speed limit signage within the complex

o   Be aware that there may be people with disabilities who may not be able to move quickly, hear or see vehicles.

o   Give pedestrians right of way.

o   Permission from the Building Manager must be obtained prior to parking in the building.


Safety of Belongings

Contractors are asked to:

o   Not leave items lying around where they can be easily stolen.

o   Keep all valuable personal belongings locked away.

o   Ensure that any equipment, if left unattended, is kept secure

e.g. fastened down onto the back of a vehicle.

o   Never let any other person into a building outside the building’s normal operational hours.

HFM takes no responsibility for lost or stolen property

Contractors are asked to:

o   Contact the HFM Building Manager or Concierge prior to commencing the Works.

o   Answer questions if Residents ask what is happening in their building, as interruptions or disruptions (such as noise, odour, vibration or cutting-off electrical supply) make it difficult for people to work, sleep or study.

o   Not use radios.

o   Not swear, curse, shout or behave in a rowdy manner.

o   Not bring animals on site.

o   Ensure clothing or uniform is neat and tidy. T-shirts with slogans that may offend other people, are not appropriate.

o   Refrain from smoking in buildings (including courtyards), under eaves or on covered pathways, within five (5) meters of any access point. to a building e.g. door, window or v

Any form of harassment or discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated.  It is also unlawful under the Equal Opportunity Act


HFM expects Contractors to:

o   Not be under the influence of alcohol or other substances while they are at work to the extent that they are unable to carry out their duties safely or properly.

o   Ensure that the health and safety of employees, contractors, residents or visitors is not endangered by such misuse.

o   Perform their job with skill, care and diligence.


If anyone is found to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance, HFM reserves the right to direct the affected person to leave the premises. 


Emergency Procedures

If the evacuation alarm sounds (a rise and fall tone) then:

o   Stay calm.

o   Turn off all electrical equipment and gas, close windows and gather personal belongings.

o   Exit the building via the nearest EXIT route. Do not use the lift. Walk, do not run.

o   Offer assistance to anyone who may require help.

o   Stay in the assembly area, well away from the building until further instructions are given by the Emergency Response Team.

Emergency Procedures

Evacuation Areas             - As identified in the lift foyers and throughout the common areas


Fire Safety and Emergency Management Plan

                              - Held in Building Managers office and Fire Control Room


First Aid                                - A First Aid Kit is located in the Concierge area


Reporting                            - Report all incidents to the Building Manager or HFM Head Office


Emergency Contact Numbers

For medical, fire or chemical spill emergencies, call 000

Also contact the Building Manager on 0448 131 685 immediately


Environmental Awareness

HFM is committed to reducing the environmental impact associated with its operations by implementing strategies and technologies that minimise waste or resources, prevent pollution and demonstrate environmentally sensitive development, innovation and continuous improvement. Contractors are therefore kindly reminded to:

  • Avoid damage to the grounds or landscaping.
  • Take care of the environment by minimising pollution and disposing of waste appropriately.
  • Read the Environment Policy.



Contractors are required to have the following insurances:

o    Public Liability

o    Workers Compensation (Sole Traders are exempt)

o    Motor Vehicle Insurance

Contractors are to provide HFM with copies of Certificates of Currency prior to commencing Works

NB: Any changes to your insurance coverage, must be notified to HFM immediately.


How to register as a Contractor

Contractors are required to ensure that:

o   Employees who perform work at HFM managed sites, must study the site Contractor Induction document (available on the HFM building webpage URL).

o   Register as a contractor or contractor employee, and complete a short assessment (quiz).

o   Once registered, repeat the induction process every 12 months


Please proceed to the assessment quiz (Link Inserted)


I have read this Contractor Induction document, and understand that compliance with the HFM Contractor Induction, is mandatory before performing any work at HFM managed sites.